Industrial Gases Supplier

Axcel Gases is a well known Industrial, lab grade and calibration gases supplier, exporter and manufacturer in India. we produce gases of different purities and concentrations to meet the requirement of distinctive industries and enterprises. At Axcel gases, we believe that the right gas can help you do more with less expenses. It can help you to achieve raise productivity, increase operational flexibility, and lower long-term production cost. We understand your business goals first before recommending a gas, so that you can retrieve the most out of the it and save cost.


The most common Industrial gases that we offer, include

Gas Mixtures

We understand a single pure gas is not always what you need and it may differ for different applications. Our experienced engineers & chemists work hard to get ready and certify the varying line of our specialty gas mixtures.


We have developed enhanced purification techniques that help remove critical impurities in our gas mixtures and make them effective and stable as you need. Axcel Gases is one of topmost Industrial Gas Suppliers having rich experience in production & supply of gas mixtures.


Special Gases

More than just as industrial gas manufacturer and distributor of specialty gases and equipment, Axcel gases helps customers capitalize on their economic performance while minimizing environmental impact.


Food, electronics, metal fabrication, and analytical Industries can improve yields, lower costs, and optimize performance with these gas mixtures.

Gas Handling Equipment

We are providing each customer with safe, reliable, and efficient gas handling equipments to help them maximize productivity. From gas delivery systems and flow devices to purifiers, filters, and regulators. We offer the wide line of equipments to help you meet the most demanding applications.

Supply Options

We are a leading Industrial Gases Exporter and our gas experts will help determine the most cost-effective supply option for your particular geographic location. Industrial gases are provided in liquid and gaseous form with proper and most suitable supply systems.