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There is a widespread demand for the high pressure seamless cylinders and thus exactly here comes Axcel Gases an ISO Certified company who is the largest high pressure seamless cylinders suppliers in the country. They are one of the pioneer name among the fraternity of pure gases and cylinders suppliers as from the very first day of their inception they are dealing with multiple clients from across the country supplying them various kinds of pure gases and high pressure seamless cylinders. High pressure Seamless cylinders are required for the purpose of filling, storage and transport of various gases like special kinds of carbon alloy steel cylinder shells.

And the composition of alloy depends on the pressure rating and the water volume of each of the respective cylinders. All the high pressure seamless cylinders are manufactured as per Indian standards IS: 7285 – Part 1 & part 2 and are equipped with cylinder filling permissions issued by CCOE – Nagpur. Apart from that the company can also provide cylinders as per various other international standards like EN 1964-1, 1964-1, ISO 11439, etc. Well, all their cylinders are quite available in a working pressure range of 150 kg/Cm2 to 350 kg/Cm2 as each of the cylinder goes through a hydraulic test at a pressure of 1.5 times of the working pressure.

In addition to this the company also supplies high pressure seamless cylinder quads or cascade as per the particular need of a customer. So there you have it, thus high pressure seamless cylinders are your one stop destination where you can get wide ranges of cylinders at a very affordable cost. So if you have any sorts of manufacturing unit or any question regarding high pressure seamless Cylinders and that also at an affordable price.

Axcel Gases

About Axcel Gases

AXCEL GASES is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company having a reputed name as a Gases and Gas Cylinders Manufacturer India with over 15 years of experience in this field. Axcel Gases is a Gases and Gas Cylinder Supplier Company providing you with the trustworthy solutions of industrial gases and cylinders to help you to run your business successfully.

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